Our People Behind the Logo – Nick Moise – Paving Apleona’s Path to Excellence

Illuminating Beginnings

Nick’s journey at Apleona began in September 2015, fuelled by a passion for innovation and a desire to contribute to a dynamic organisation. He was drawn by Apleona’s forward-thinking approach in integrated facility management, coupled with its commitment to sustainability and technological advancement. For over nine years, Nick has dedicated himself to orchestrating seamless operations and ensuring the efficient deployment of resources as Senior Facilities Scheduler for Apleona Mobile Technical Team.

A Symphony of Coordination

As a Senior Facilities Scheduler, Nick’s typical workday is a combination of coordination, communication, and organisation. From morning briefings to problem-solving and end-of-day reviews, Nick ensures the smooth operation and efficient delegation of resources for the Mobile Technical Team. His attention to detail ensures that each task is executed with precision, contributing to the team’s overall effectiveness, and ensuring timely and high-quality service delivery to clients. Collaborating closely with his colleagues, Nick makes significant contributions to projects right from the beginning. With his proactive approach, he enhances the operational efficiency of the business significantly.

Some Time to Unwind

Outside of his job responsibilities, Nick enjoys learning about the exploration of technology. He is an avid reader and keeps up with the latest technology trends. He unwinds with a good book and engages in DIY tech projects. Nick says “Engaging in coding or working on personal tech projects is a relaxing and fulfilling activity for me. Whether it’s experimenting with new programming languages, building software applications, or exploring hardware projects, I enjoy exercising my technical skills in a creative way.” He spends time outdoors on weekends which fuels his passion for creativity and exploration, providing a balance to his demanding role.

Nick’s Inspiration for His Work

Nick’s primary motivation stems from within himself. Through his upbringing, education, and past professional experiences, he has gained a unique perspective that has allowed him to view the world in a profound way. Nick highlights how he is “constantly reflecting on these experiences, seeking to understand them on a peer level and apply the knowledge to his current endeavours.” He hopes to continue to grow and learn and inspire others to do the same.

Evolution of Excellence

Nick began his career as a multi-skilled technician. Leveraging his prior experience, he found himself in a unique position to contribute to the creation of a robust and complex system. This system was designed to assist the technical team in delivering high-quality services to our clients.

Nick’s evolution within Apleona showcases his remarkable contribution to helping his team and colleagues to deliver excellence. He suggests that intense dedication and attention to detail can lead to extraordinary achievements.

A Note to Nick Moise

In the vibrant culture of Apleona Ireland, Nick Moise shines brightly as a testament to dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. His journey serves as an inspiration to his colleagues and exemplifies the limitless possibilities that await those who embark on their journey with Apleona.