Our sustainable

facilities management strategy

Our sustainable facilities management strategy

Our commitment to sustainability and CSR

sustainability and CSR

As a responsible company, we embrace our role in positively influencing the society of tomorrow. Sustainability shapes every aspect of our business and is key in driving decision making.

We are committed to enhancing transparency and continually improving – sharing our ambitious approach, goals and initiatives to inspire our teams, internal stakeholders, clients, and supply chain partners to join us on our journey towards a sustainable future.

Our sustainability priorities

Our people

We treat our people with fairness, equality, and respect. We actively develop a culture of inclusivity and diversity, empowering all employees to embrace healthier lifestyles and thrive personally and professionally.

Our planet

We proactively address carbon emissions by implementing measures to reduce them and enhance facility energy management and efficiency practices throughout our organisation.

Value chain

Responsible sourcing is a fundamental aspect of our human rights due diligence. By collaborating with suppliers to champion responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain, we contribute to a sustainable and fair business ecosystem while upholding our values.


We leverage new technologies to help and enhance the working environment, taking an additional stride in contributing to a greener future. By innovating our operations, we aim to optimise energy efficiency, minimise resource consumption, and create a sustainable workplace.

Our priority global goals

Safeguard the health of our employees by ensuring physically safe environments, having zero tolerance for harassment and bullying, and by nurturing emotional and mental wellbeing.

Be proactive in investigating and monitoring key practices – such as recruitment, pay structures, hiring, performance assessment and promotions – to ensure no discrimination.

Ensure that all energy consumed as electricity, heat, or fuel is derived from renewable energy sources.

Ensure works across the value chain are not subject to bonded, slave, or child labour, and people can expect decent working conditions.

Eliminate operational waste completely, and ensure all by-products are repurposed.

Reduce and eventually eliminate any negative environmental and social impact caused by the goods and services we depend on.

Ensure our business contributes fairly towards reaching global decarbonisation targets, if and only if, our decarbonisation trajectory aligns with best available guidance.

Sustainable resources

Status report on sustainability

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Carbon Reduction Plan

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Apleona CSR report

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Slavery and human trafficking report

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Apleona Ireland gender pay gap

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Key facts

  • Each year, our site’s waste converts into energy for up to 80,000 homes in Ireland.

  • We source local suppliers for our produce.

  • We are committed to reducing single-use packaging waste.

  • We promote biodiversity within our landscapes.

  • We implement energy-saving measures to minimise our carbon footprint.

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