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Life science & healthcare facilities management

Our Centre of Excellence(CoE) is a dedicated, experienced team of life science and healthcare sector consultants that support and enhance your business with cutting-edge expertise, innovative solutions, and best practice guidance.

Whether you require soft or technical services, they champion industry-leading standards and prioritise compliance and regulations for your life science and healthcare facilities.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) services

Cleaning services

We offer tailored cleaning services exclusively designed for the life science sector, with all staff trained in GMP and aseptic cleaning standards. This team of skilled professionals combine industry expertise with cutting-edge technology, delivering innovative solutions that guarantee compliance, efficiency, and optimal performance.  

Our cleaning processes are meticulously crafted to adhere to stringent contamination requirements, avert cross-contamination, and establish a pristine environment for our clients’ production processes.   

Waste management

In the pharmaceutical industry, effective waste management is essential for regulatory compliance and minimising environmental impact. Our waste management solutions include waste characterisation, segregation, collection, treatment, and disposal. By partnering with us, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your waste management processes are handled with the greatest care and responsibility. 

Clean room performance management

Precise environmental conditions within clean rooms are vital for optimal clean room management. Leveraging our expertise in clean room performance and HVAC testing, we offer comprehensive assessment, validation, and optimisation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our goal is to ensure that temperature, humidity, and particle levels are meticulously controlled, meeting and surpassing the highest industry standards. 

Security solutions

Safeguarding sensitive information, products, and facilities is of paramount importance in the life science sector. At the CoE, we deliver robust security facility management solutions that include access control, cutting-edge surveillance systems, and advanced threat detection mechanisms. Our tailored approach ensures the protection of your valuable assets and the maintenance of strict confidentiality standards. 

Pest control

Integrated pest management strategies are at the heart of our pest control support services. We use chemical and non-chemical methods, effectively eliminating pests while minimising any potential environmental impact. And as every situation is unique, we develop customised pest management plans for your specific needs, ensuring a pest-free environment is maintained. 

Construction clean projects

We guarantee that your life science facility is constructed to the highest standards and regulatory compliance. Our SMEs provide end-to-end construction facilities management services, supporting you through every stage of the building process – from green field site development to sustaining operations. With expertise across the board (including cleanrooms, labs, and manufacturing areas), we offer extensive guidance, and ensure excellence throughout project planning, design, procurement, and execution.  

Sustainable operations

Once your building is up and running, we remain dedicated in supporting you to enhance the efficiency, compliance and sustainability of your operations. Our team of experts go beyond construction and offer comprehensive maintenance and optimisation services, carrying out regular assessments and fine-tuning systems to guarantee reliability and optimal performance.  

Apleona CoE experts are helping to develop the ISO global standard on surface cleaning.

Since 2023, we have self-delivered HVAC testing on client sites.

We have introduced the Tersano Lotus Pro – a powerful, chemical-free cleaning agent.

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