GreenSpace: sustainable

facilities management

GreenSpace: sustainable facilities management

Sustainability lies at the core of Apleona’s corporate strategy. To address sustainability requirements and strengthen our clients’ focus on its different aspects, we established GreenSpace which draws upon the expertise and knowledge of our SMEs.

With environmental protection and sustainability deeply ingrained in its ethos, we have developed green facilities management solutions in key areas across four key pillars of energy, biodiversity, water, and waste.

Our sustainability services


Under the European Green Deal, Europe is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 – a crucial step in mitigating the devastating impacts of global warming. 

With a team of energy engineers, GreenSpace empowers clients to reduce their carbon footprint via sustainable energy solutions supporting the wellbeing of our planet. Our services include analysing energy consumption, identifying opportunities for improvement, developing proposals, and overseeing installations. 


Biodiversity has rapidly and rightly come into focus, and businesses across the globe are proactively taking decisive action with sustainable solutions. Giving employees access to natural, wild spaces can reduce stress, enhance concentration and cognition, and contribute to overall wellbeing. Often sites will conduct a biodiversity survey of the location and its surrounding areas, and we can develop an action plan to actively support local biodiversity. 


We are dedicated to the care and preservation of water, because even small adjustments to usage can have a significant impact. Reducing consumption within buildings not only reduces bills, but it also contributes to the vital conservation of Ireland’s precious water supply. 

GreenSpace and our SMEs take great pride in helping you implement efficient water practices. Everyone can enjoy the benefits – including a more sustainable and dependable water supply, the preservation of natural ecosystems, and reduced energy consumption. 


Implementing a sustainable waste management strategy reflecting a circular economy is crucial to achieve sustainability goals. To ensure sustainable practices are adopted on-site, it is essential to minimise incoming waste by engaging proactively with suppliers, so they eliminate packaging that cannot be reused or recycled. 


tonnes of wooden pallets are diverted to recovery of biodegradable materials as a positive alternative to disposing.


tonnes of green waste is recovered by Waste-to-Energy.


homes in Ireland powered each year, from the site's waste that is converted into energy.

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