Innovative solutions for facility

management and operations

Innovative solutions for facility management and operations

Our ability to innovate defines who we are as Apleona Ireland. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to questioning norms, exploring more efficient methods, and continuously striving to deliver greater value and a positive impact on our clients.

We even have an innovation committee who research, test, and propose innovative solutions - keeping a close eye on emerging technologies, and seeking out new ways of working, sustainability and energy solutions, and new approaches to problem solving.

Our innovative services


Optimise is our app with a suite of powerful features to boost productivity, streamline processes, and drive performance. Built on cutting-edge technology, it offers a seamless experience and keeps you ahead of the industry curve. Features include audits, efficient task management, digitalised security tasks, a sustainable waste management portal, and tailored features that meet your unique needs.

Apleona Spark

Apleona Spark is a platform that encourages innovation and rapid development of solutions. It empowers our teams to think outside the box, encouraging them to co-create solutions with clients and develop stronger, more collaborative relationships. It also shares insights of areas where innovation will have the greatest impact – improving performance and driving positive change across the organisation.


Implemented Optimise system in all Irish client sites, reducing paper usage and manual records by 95%, improving data efficiency.

In 2022, we received 89 innovation ideas through our Apleona Spark app.

We introduced carbon footprint tracking on all of our menus.

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