Our subject matter

experts (SMEs)

Our subject matter experts (SMEs)

Over the last 40 years, we have built a full, specialised range of bespoke hard and soft facilities management services and solutions. Each service is tailored to your needs and seamlessly delivered by our teams through a self-delivery model.

Our SMEs lead the way in their diverse areas of facilities management expertise, shaping quality, value-led solutions – setting your business up for success.

Meet the experts

Chris Delaney, Director of Life Sciences

Chris is our life science and healthcare SME and Irish SME on clean room and controlled environments.  With 20 years’ experience in GMP cleaning, he has developed many contamination control programs and procedures for many global leading pharmaceutical companies. Chris received IBEC- ICCA Outstanding Achievement Award for his achievements in the Clean room Cleaning Industry in Ireland.  

Click here to discover our Centre of Excellence for life science and healthcare solutions.  

Cheryl Kavanagh, HSEQ Manager Consultancy

Cheryl is our HSEQ consultancy expert – a strong operations EHS professional with a five-year FM consultancy track record. Her background includes a BSc Environmental Health & Safety Management and P. Grad. Dip. in Fire Safety Practice. Cheryl and our team of SMEs provide EHS support and guidance to clients through our consultancy service, including auditing, gap analysis, development of health and safety management systems and documents required.  

Karen Leonard, Associate Director & Procurement Services Manager

Karen is our procurement expert, with over seven years’ experience in procurement, and a background in business studies.  

She plays a crucial role in ensuring we acquire the highest quality products and services at value, while meeting our and our clients’ standards and expectations and adhering to industry regulations. 

Karen and our procurement team continually evaluate and enhance our procurement processes, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.  

Lauren Feehan, Environmental, Health, Safety & Waste Manager

Lauren is our EHS and waste management SME. She has a background in event management, plus over eight years’ experience in EHS for the construction and manufacturing sectors. Lauren and her team partake in waste management of zero waste to landfill and carry out effective training for Apleona teams, including overseeing and supporting the implementation of site-specific safety documentations to communicate risks and hazards. 

Alexis Grizard, Sustainability & Energy Services Manager

With eight years’ experience in engineering, Alexis has an MSc in Engineering, Industrial Optimisation and Sustainability, and an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable Energy Technology.  

Alongside our team of experts at GreenSpace, he delivers sustainable facilities management projects across the industry, focusing on four sustainability pillars: energy, biodiversity, waste, and water.  

Conor Spacey, Culinary Director of FoodSpace

Conor is our sustainability and zero food waste SME. He spearheads a passionate team of chefs, developing innovative menus and revolutionising the catering industry with fully sustainable food waste reduction and carbon reduction practices. He places great importance on building strong relationships with local food producers and farmers to ensure direct supply of the finest seasonal ingredients to their kitchens. 

Conor’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the kitchen, as he actively participates in the Chef Manifesto and collaborates with the United Nations and the World Food Programme to achieve sustainable development goals. 

Click here to learn more about FoodSpace. 

Paul Farrell, Associate Director of Engineering & Energy Services

With a background in energy and engineering, Paul is a certified energy manager bringing over 40 years of engineering experience on board. Highly qualified in his field, he holds a BSc in Process Engineering as well as an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable Technology. 

His passion for sustainability and energy efficiency motivates him to explore innovative technologies and best practices, so you benefit from the most value-driven and environmentally responsible solutions. 

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