Improving multi-site sustainability

and efficiency for a multinational

pharmaceutical client

Improving multi-site sustainability and efficiency for a multinational pharmaceutical client

In 2016, we were entrusted with delivering an integrated FM service for a multinational pharmaceutical client operating five sites across Ireland – from offices to public areas, car parking and manufacturing plants. This marked the beginning of a transformative partnership to elevate operational efficiencies and enhance their facilities.

Our comprehensive range of services included maintenance, procurement management, repairs, security, GMP cleaning, energy management, and other facility-related services. Thanks to our dedicated Mobilisation team of SMEs, we mobilised all sites in just eight weeks.

Key services delivered


Reception & concierge services


Workplace catering & hospitality

Our impacts and achievements

and achievements

Our collaboration with this client has led to substantial accomplishments, proving our commitment to excellence:

  • Our expertise ensured GxP-compliant clean rooms, upholding manufacturing quality.
  • Through innovative strategies, we boosted efficiency by optimising processes across multi-site operations.
  • We produced flexibility in our delivery to meet evolving needs, demonstrating reliability as a dynamic partner.
  • Our self-driven dedication maintained high standards across all locations, fostering trust and professionalism.
  • We have broadened our scope beyond the initial services agreed, fulfilling critical aspects like waste and energy management, HSEQ consultancy, and innovative technology implementation.

Thanks to our work to date, we now deliver integrated FM services across seven of their sites.

“In an industry where audits are frequent, our facility’s remarkable appearance stands out and receives acknowledgement from visiting auditors, reinforcing its undeniable appeal. Through these audits, Apleona Ireland’s collective dedication, hard work, and collaborative spirit are unmistakable, underscoring our shared commitment to achieving site-wide success.”

- Site Services Manager, pharmaceutical client

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