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Empowering our people

Apleona is a truly global organisation, with 40,000+ colleagues in over 30 countries. In Ireland alone, we employ 1500+ of these talented people in diverse facilities management roles.

By empowering and fulfilling our people, we create experiences that matter. We look for customer excellence ambassadors who are passionate about delivering a sophisticated, bespoke offering that benefits each client.

Above all, we operate and thrive on mutual trust - between peers, facilities managers, suppliers, subcontractors and our clients.

Meet the team

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Ray Casey

Managing Director

Ray has more than 20 years’ experience in the FM industry, having started his career as an Engineer. He joined the business in 2005 to manage a large financial services account before being promoted to Operations Director and ultimately Managing Director in mid-2017.
“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.”
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Abeania Higgins

Director of Facility Services

Abeania brings over two decades of experience to the facilities management field, starting her journey as a Catering Manager before progressing through the role of Facility Manager.
Currently serving as Director of Facility Services, Abeania is committed to driving innovation and excellence. She holds certifications in Safety, Health, and Welfare in the Workplace and Facilities Management.
“Dedication and innovation pave the path to success in facilities management.”
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Darragh Spain

Director of Operations

Darragh began his career in M&E design and installations, contributing to significant projects before transitioning into the FM industry. Joining Apleona 12 years ago, he has found joy in working with the company and values the collaboration with exceptional colleagues. As the Director of Operations, Darragh’s mission at Apleona is to foster an environment that enables individuals to reach their full potential within a positive working atmosphere, all while enjoying the journey.
“Our aim is to cultivate an environment where each individual can thrive, reach their full potential, and, most importantly, have fun along the way.”
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Valerie Golden

Senior Director of Facilities Services

Valerie has 19+ years working in the FM industry. As Senior Director of Facilities she is responsible for ensuring the operations team are supported and committed to providing excellent service quality coupled with maintaining key client relationships. She also focuses on business core values and driving strategies towards consistent growth.
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
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Colin Thompson

IT & Business Applications Director

A dedicated member of Apleona Ireland for over 8 years, Colin has primarily contributed to the schools PPP sector. Colin’s mission at Apleona is to lead and support his team by providing an exceptional and innovative service to all clients, both internal and external.
“In the heart of our service, we stand committed to excellence, innovation, and support for our clients.”
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Tom Keating

Commercial Director

Tom has a background in Chartered Accountancy, highlighting his financial expertise. He has held roles such as Finance Director and VP Finance for over a decade, driving strategic financial leadership and corporate development. Currently Tom operates as Commercial Director, utilising his extensive experience to steer business growth and strategic direction.
“With each strategic decision, we sculpt the landscape of success.”
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Grainne Carberry

Director of Marketing

With 20+ years in hospitality, Grainne leads the food operations and the brand’s expansion across sectors. Her role is to coordinate, manage and incorporate the brand throughout the wider Apleona operation, thereby expanding Apleona Ireland’s total facility management capability.
“Food is our life. Our goal is to serve sustainable Irish food to all our customers while educating customers on sustainable food practices”.
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Chris Delaney

Director of Life Sciences

Chris is our Director of life science and healthcare and SME on clean room and controlled environments.  With 20+ years’ experience in GMP cleaning, he has developed many contamination control programmes and procedures for many global leading pharmaceutical companies.
Chris received IBEC- ICCA Outstanding Achievement Award for his achievements in the clean room Cleaning Industry in Ireland.
“Setting new benchmarks for clean room standards and contamination control.”
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Sean Quinn

Director of Facilities Services

Sean joined Apleona in 2015 and has 16 years experience in the facilities management and technical services industry. He is currently the Director of Facilities Services and oversees the soft services department along with several key accounts and business development.
“The experience of our clients comes first. Our goal is to use innovation to advance and enhance our service delivery while building and expanding the company in a sustainable manner.”
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Beata McSweeney

Director of Facilities

Beata has cultivated a rich professional journey across various aspects of facilities and operations management, spanning over a decade. Her roles, including previously Contract Manager and now Director of Facilities, reflect her proficiency in overseeing diverse portfolios and ensuring operational efficiency.
 “In navigating the complexities of facilities management, adaptability is the key to unlocking success.”
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Paul Farrell

Associate Director of Engineering & Energy Services

With a background in energy and engineering, Paul is a certified energy manager bringing 40+ years of engineering experience on board. Highly qualified in his field, he holds a BSc in Process Engineering as well as an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable Technology. He currently operates as Associate Director of Engineering & Energy Services.
His passion for sustainability and energy efficiency motivates him to explore innovative technologies and best practices, so that clients benefit from the most value-driven and environmentally responsible solutions.
“Guiding sustainability initiatives, turning eco-conscious ideals into tangible actions for a greener future.”
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Anna Dolan

Key Account Operations Director

Anna brings a wealth of experience in operations and facilities management, spanning over several years. Her role previously as Contracts Manager, demonstrate her proficiency in leading teams and ensuring high standards of service. Currently operating as Key Account Operations Director, Anna leverages her extensive expertise to drive operational excellence and strategic growth.
“In the realm of operations, success is not just about efficiency, but also about creating meaningful experiences for all of our clients.”
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Conor Spacey

Culinary Director

With 30+ years in kitchens, Conor is our Culinary Director at FoodSpace. He oversees nationwide outlets in BNI, pharmaceuticals, education, and high street operations, implementing and managing the food programme across culinary teams. Committed to sustainability, he champions locally sourced ingredients, cofounding the Chefs Manifesto and collaborating with NGOs like World Vision and FAO. Conor advocates for fresh, local produce and shares insights on sustainable practices.
“Innovative cuisine meets sustainability for a brighter, tastier future.”
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Karen Hannon

Associate Director of HSEQ

With a background of managing H&S in the facility management industry, Karen joined Apleona Ireland in 2023. Her previous role as a safety representative has led Karen to the position of Associate Director of HSEQ today. Karen oversees various aspects of H&S, and regularly conducts safety audits to ensure compliance with H&S standards and regulations.
“We passionately work towards minimising the potential harm resulting from workplace activities”.
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Ingrida Zitkeviciene

Associate Director of Life Sciences

Ingrida has over 20+ years of pharmaceutical GMP experience. Her progression from Manufacturing Technician to Soft Services Site Manager demonstrates her dedication to excellence. In her current role as Associate Director of Life Science, she pioneers new standards in life sciences & healthcare.
“Shaping the future of life sciences with dedication and expertise.”
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Karen Leonard

Associate Director

Karen is an Associate Director and a procurement expert. Bringing 7+ years of experience, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the acquisition of top-quality products and services, meeting both our clients’ expectations and adhering to industry regulations. Karen and her team continuously refine our procurement processes, fostering efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.   
“Aligning quality, value, and compliance to drive operational success.”
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Paul Mason

Key Account Director

Paul is our Key Account Director and has a background in senior facilities management roles spanning over a decade. His expertise ensures strategic management of key accounts, driving operational excellence and client satisfaction.
“Driving operational excellence and fostering lasting client partnerships.”
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Andrew Carroll

Associate Director

With over a decade of experience in facilities management, Andrew brings a wealth of expertise in commercial management and project engineering to his role as Associate Director. His strong leadership and technical expertise ensure the delivery of exceptional service across diverse client sectors.”
“We are committed to our clients, ensuring smooth operations and continued delivery of exceptional service.”
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Colin McClean

Associate Director PPP

A dedicated member of Apleona Ireland for over 8 years, Colin has primarily contributed to the schools PPP sector. Colin’s mission at Apleona is to lead and support his team by providing an exceptional and innovative service to all clients, both internal and external.
“In the heart of our service, we stand committed to excellence, innovation, and support for our clients.”
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Tom Kennedy

Operations Account Director

Tom is our experienced Operations Account Director and is skilled in fostering strong client relationships and delivering exceptional services. Committed to understanding clients needs and surpassing expectations through strategic planning and effective communications.
“Dedicated to delivering exceptional services and driving growth through strategic leadership and client-focused solutions.”
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Aleksandra Krakowiak

Associate Director

Aleksandra has 15+ years’ experience in Facilities Management. Currently she is working in the operations department as an Associate Director contributing to the success and growth of Apleona, through enhancing safety standards, effective contract management, and successful leadership.
“We prioritise enhancing safety, optimising contracts, and fostering effective leadership, driving our continued success and exceeding industry standards.”
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Una Lee

Commercial Manager

As a Commercial Manager, Una brings over 4+ years of dedicated expertise in driving commercial success and operational efficiency. Her proactive approach, and eye for detail, ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of service while maximising value for all stakeholders.
“I strive to bridge the gap between vision and execution, leveraging strategic insight and tactical precision to unlock new opportunities and drive sustained growth.”
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Bernadette Twomey

Acting HR Manager

As the Acting HR Manager, Bernie leads an experienced team with a goal to make HR an operational force, supporting a harmonised workforce. With 23 years of HR expertise, she advocates for an approachable and fair HR, creating an environment where every voice is valued.
“Your best work happens when you feel your best”.
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Stacey Kelly

Associate Director

9+ years at Apleona Ireland, Stacey currently is an Associate Director of Facilities with previous roles in FM/CM. She excels in multi-site management, covering sectors such as pharmaceutical, retail, and project management.
“To create seamless partnerships with clients by leveraging Apleona’s expertise to drive efficiency, sustainability, and ability to enhance workplaces through top-notch service delivery”.
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Paudie O’Sullivan

Operations Manager

With 14 years of dedication at Apleona, Paudie has seamlessly navigated various roles, including facilities technician and engineer to Project Manager – culminating in his current role as Key Account Operations Director for the ICC. Paudie’s mission is to lead his team in an ongoing commitment to enhance and evolve services provided to the client.
“We strive for excellence in providing total facility management and becoming the number one choice for our clients”.
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Ciaran O’Riordan

Account Director

Experienced Account Director dedicated to client satisfaction and relationship building. Ciaran is skilled in strategic account management, project leadership, and revenue management, ensuring the achievement of client objectives.
“Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. By prioritising strong relationships and diligent work, we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.”
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Joe Fogarty

Business Integration Manager

With 18+ years at Apleona Ireland, Joe has navigated diverse roles – from security management, business integration, to his current role as Key Account Operations Director for the ICC. His team’s mission is to remain client focused while ensuring to continue offering exceptional facility management services.
“We remain dedicated to our clients, ensuring that we continue to offer first-class service that makes Apleona the top choice for facility management services”.
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Conall Rooney

Key Account Director

Conall is our Key Account Director and specialises in EMEA Key Account Management. His background includes roles in operational excellence and maintenance engineering, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of client needs and effective solution delivery.
“Dedicated to driving excellence in every aspect of client service, I’m committed to leveraging my expertise to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results for our valued stakeholders.”
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Suzanne O’Hare

Associate Director

As a client focused Associate Director, Suzanne is committed to delivering the highest quality whilst building strong client relationships across various sectors such as corporate, public, and retail. She has a background in construction, property, and facilities operations with vast experience in overseeing total facilities management contracts, front of house operations and security operations.
“In the dynamic landscape of facilities management, our commitment is to deliver excellence through innovation, strong relationships, and the unwavering pursuit of Apleona’s vision and values.”
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Cheryl Kavanagh

HSEQ Manager Consultancy

Cheryl is our HSEQ Manager. She is a strong operations EHS professional with a five-year FM Consultancy track record. Cheryl and our team of consultants provide EHS support and guidance to clients, including auditing, gap analysis, development of health and safety management systems and documents required.
“At the heart of our mission is ensuring safety and compliance.”
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Lauren Feehan

Environmental, Health, Safety & Waste Manager

Lauren joined Apleona Ireland in 2019 as EHS Manager for a life sciences account. She has spearheaded the expansion of the account, adding 8 more plants across Europe. Lauren is responsible for daily H&S commitments, including audits, training, and accident investigations, as well as operating waste management.
“We strive for transformative sustainability, fostering partnerships to achieve zero waste to landfill for Ireland”.
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Alexis Grizard

Sustainability & Energy Services Manager

With 7+ years of dedicated service at Apleona, Alexis is currently a Sustainability Engineering Manager. He is committed to driving corporate sustainability initiatives and reducing environmental footprint. Alexis manages energy conservation and CO2 emission projects for clients across diverse industries, including retail, council, pharmaceutical, and schools.
“We lead sustainability efforts, transforming eco-friendly principles into impactful practices for a greener future.”
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Teresa O’Carroll

Service Desk Manager

With 10+ years working with Apleona Ireland, Teresa is an expert Service Centre Manager. Her role oversees a team of 20. Proficient in customer service, account management, employment training and development, she is process and solution driven.
Teresa is dedicated to upholding operational excellence by achieving KPIs and other business targets, both for clients and Apleona.
“Operational excellence is our unwavering commitment for success.”

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