People Behind the Logo: Spotlight on Monica Boboc, HSEQ Advisor at Apleona

Journey to HSEQ Advisor

Monica Boboc is a dedicated and passionate HSEQ Advisor at Apleona Ireland, where she has been a vital part of the team for several years. Her journey with Apleona began in early 2018, after transitioning through the TUPE process. Initially working as a laboratory cleaner, Monica’s curiosity for health and safety led her to immerse herself in learning and developing solutions in this field. This commitment was recognised with a promotion to HSEQ Administrator, and by the end of 2019, she had advanced to her current role as HSEQ Advisor.

Monica’s Daily Responsibilities and Challenges

In her role as HSEQ Advisor, Monica thrives on the variety and dynamics that each day brings. No two days are the same for her, as she connects with colleagues across Ireland, supporting them and ensuring health, safety, environmental, and quality standards are upheld across Apleona Ireland.

Her day typically begins with reviewing safety reports and incident logs to address any urgent issues. Conducting site inspections and audits is a key part of her responsibilities, ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies, and addressing any non-conformities she encounters. Throughout the day, Monica collaborates with site managers to develop and implement HSEQ policies and procedures, facilitates training sessions, and conducts incident investigations to prevent recurrences.

Life Outside Work

Outside of her professional life, Monica enjoys exploring her creativity through painting and photography. She is fluent in several languages, including Spanish and French. “I enjoy reading or watching documentaries in a foreign language that I speak, and I can exercise it. As an avid reader, I’m always eager to learn and grow, balancing my passions with the joys and challenges of parenthood.”

Sources of Inspiration

Monica’s inspiration for her career in Health & Safety comes from a former manager whose outstanding leadership quality left a lasting impression on her. “I was particularly impressed by their proactive approach to risk management, foreseeing potential hazards and taking preventive measures to safeguard us.” Their clarity, integrity, and investment in the team’s growth through training and mentorship continue to shape Monica’s professional values and approach.

Professional Development

Her role at Apleona has been instrumental in Monica’s professional development, providing her with invaluable experiences and skills. Her role has sharpened her ability to conduct thorough risk assessments and audits across diverse facilities and projects, enhancing her technical competencies and problem-solving abilities. Working closely with diverse teams has improved her communication and interpersonal skills, fostered a safety-conscious culture and achieved operational excellence.

Key Achievements

Monica considers her start in Health and Safety at Apleona a significant milestone, both personally and professionally. Despite her background in economics, she quickly adapted and managed diverse operations efficiently with dedication and support from colleagues. Her rapid learning and adaptation to the complexities of Health and Safety demonstrate her commitment to continuous improvement. She has made meaningful contributions by enhancing safety protocols and operational efficiencies, positively impacting workplace safety and organisational performance. “This experience has solidified my passion and belief in continuous improvement, and I’m eager to further advance safety standards and contribute to organisational success at Apleona.”

One of the most challenging periods she faced was during a sudden change in management, with two companies under the same brand holding differing views on HSEQ practices. “Adapting to this situation required flexibility, diplomacy, and a thorough understanding to align practices and meet our goals.” This experience strengthened her skills in adaptation, negotiation, and stakeholder management, emphasising the importance of resilience and a proactive approach to navigating organisational changes effectively.

Advice for New Team Members

For anyone new joining her team, Monica encourages the development of several key qualities and skills for long-term success: technical competence, adaptability, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, leadership, continuous learning, collaboration, resilience, and ethical standards. Monica describes her work as “Being an HSEQ advisor is like walking a tightrope between safety manuals and compliance rules, dodging hazard signs like they’re banana peels!” and on a more serious note, “HSEQ goes beyond being a mere sign on the wall or a Safety Board; it encompasses compliance, prioritising the well-being of individuals, and maintaining awareness of our surroundings.” These reflections highlight her dedication, continuous learning, and proactive approach to health, safety, environment, and quality standards, making her a valued member of the Apleona team

Thank you, Monica!