Our People Behind the Logo – Karen Hannon: Spearheading Safety and Excellence at Apleona

In the bustling world of facility management, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. Karen Hannon, our Associate Director for HSEQ, and her team stand at the centre of these efforts. With over two decades of experience and a passion for making our workplace safer, Karen’s journey is inspiring and exemplary of our commitment to excellence.

Karen’s Journey at Apleona

Karen’s journey at Apleona spans back to 2015 when she first joined the team. Initially starting as an EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Advisor, Karen’s dedication and expertise helped her swiftly rise to the top. By 2023, she had ascended to the position of Associate Director for HSEQ.

A typical day in Karen’s life is anything but ordinary. With the dynamic nature of her role, each day presents new challenges and tasks. From writing reports to managing accidents, Karen’s responsibilities are as diverse as they are crucial. When asked how she unwinds in her own time, Karen responded, “I find it to be peaceful when I go for my evening walks, a trip to the cinema, or when I spend quality time with my family.”

Her Source of Inspiration and Purpose for her Work Ethic?

Karen gave a heartfelt answer when she was asked about her sources of motivation. She draws inspiration from the significance of her role: keeping people safe in the workplace. Moreover, Karen attributes her strong work ethic to her upbringing, referring to her parents’ hard work as a guiding light in her professional journey.

Celebrating Achievements

Reflecting on her achievements. Karen highlights the collective efforts of her team in driving significant improvements within the workplace. Her personal progression from a novice to a HSEQ expert is a testament to her own dedication. “If you had told me a few years ago that this is where I’d end up, I wouldn’t have known.”

Over the years, Karen has accumulated invaluable experiences and skills. She emphasises the importance of resilience and adaptability in overcoming obstacles at work. Whether it’s navigating complex unforeseen challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic Karen, and her team’s ability to think outside the box and seek innovative solutions has been instrumental for their success.

Embracing Learning and Collaboration

For those who aspire to follow in her footsteps, Karen offers some advice. She encourages newcomers to take their time, prioritise learning, and not to be afraid to seek assistance when needed. In her view, every day is an opportunity to grow and learn. “Everyday is a learning day.”

Karen Hannon’s journey at Apleona exemplifies our dedication to excellence and safety. Through her commitment, resilience, and unwavering efforts, Karen consistently ensures a secure workplace environment for everyone.

Thank you Karen!