Our People Behind the Logo – Empowering Change: Jacqueline O’Carroll-McCarthy’s Journey at Apleona

Jacqueline O’Carroll-McCarthy, a dedicated Facilities Coordinator at Apleona, embodies the spirit of growth and empowerment within the company. Joining Apleona just over 2 years ago in November 2021, Jacqui initially began as an Administrator for the industrial cleaning division.

Jacqui’s Rise to Success

Jacqui began forming close connections with individuals at each site responsible for coordinating various services, she developed a keen interest in their role and expressed her desire to join the service desk team. Her role on the service desk took an unexpected turn when she was assigned temporarily to a large pharmaceutical client located in Cork. This assignment eventually turned into a permanent role as a Site Administrator. Within a year, she was promoted to Site Coordinator.

Jacqui expressed how she finds fulfilment in effecting change, whether it’s addressing a backlog of service requests or putting a smile on everyone’s faces at work each day. She recognises Apleona’s commitment to acknowledging the contribution of every team member, irrespective of their role or position, which in turn creates a culture of inclusivity and appreciation.

A Problem at Hand

One memorable instance that stands out for Jacqui is the collaborative effort her team made to address a difficult challenge at a client site, where proactive teamwork and problem-solving skills were essential in overcoming this obstacle.

The client’s service request system had 200 open actions initially inaccessible to any of the team. However, after securing access for herself, Agnes (“the lovely Site Cleaning Supervisor and Team Lead”), and Abeania (Contract Manager, “who is a fountain of knowledge”), devised a strategic plan. The team scheduled an on-site visit for the following Saturday when the premises were quiet, intending to clear the backlog.

Achieving Significant Results

Agnes conducted a thorough site inspection, verifying completed tasks, while Abeania and Jacqui tackled the administrative workload, swiftly closing out requests. By the end of the day, they successfully reduced the number of open service requests to 40, below the target. “It was certainly an achievement, but it could not have been done without us all working as a team.” In 2023 Jacqui was awarded EHS Employee of the Quarter – Safety Recognition.

Typical Day?

A typical day in Jacqueline’s life at Apleona is anything but routine. From managing site operations to addressing unforeseen challenges, Jacqueline thrives in the dynamic and ever-evolving environment, embracing the diversity and unpredictability that each day brings. As she often says, “Variety is the spice of life.”

She describes Apleona’s work culture in three words as – empowering, flexible, and engaging. The flexibility is highlighted by the accommodation to personal needs, where she never hesitates to pick up the phone and speak to her manager about any issues.

Empowering and engaging go hand in hand – she feels self-confident in her work and personal life. For instance, after a conversation with a colleague, they gave her the confidence to book her theory test and start her journey onto the road. Jacqui emphasises how Apleona allows teams to take time out for charity walks, bake sales and social events which create a feel-good atmosphere and allows to build further connections with other colleagues on different sites.

A Piece of Advice

Jacqui welcomes any new team members with open arms, emphasising the importance of adopting a holistic perspective, assessing situations with clarity and composure. She also acknowledges the positive impact of the expansion of the procurement team, which has streamlined processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

What Motivates Jacqui to Perform to the Best of her Capabilities Each Day?

What motivates Jacqueline to rise and shine each day is the profound sense of self-satisfaction derived from making a tangible difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s resolving maintenance issues or enhancing the work environment, Jacqueline’s commitment to empowering change underscores her invaluable contribution to Apleona’s mission.

On behalf of all our team at Apleona Ireland, THANK YOU JACQUI!