‘Make a real difference’ in

facilities management on

World FM Day

‘Make a real difference’ in facilities management on World FM Day

The purpose of World FM (facilities management) Day is to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of all those involved in facilities management, and the integrated services they provide for businesses all around the world. World FM Day 2023 (May 10th) embodies the theme of ‘making a real difference’. 

So, this year we’re celebrating our diversely skilled management team. It’s a day where we commemorate and acknowledge facility managers and their hard work and dedication for the FM sector and trade.  

Celebrating our managers 

On World FM Day, we’d like to give thanks for the selfless dedication that our managers show in their work daily, here at Apleona Ireland. Agility, leadership, teamwork, and productivity contribute to the success and safety of our workplace environment. Managers are constantly aiming to broaden their skillsets with the optimisation of internet and digital facilities management services. 

At Apleona Ireland we strive to constantly develop our sustainability strategy – climate action, diversity, economic growth, and good health and wellbeing. 

Trevor Byrne, Facility Manager 

Trevor has over 25 years’ experience in the security sector. Trevor oversees successful security and facilities management services, monitoring and auditing, and the professional delivery of security guarding operating standards for the client whilst maintaining good relationships.  
He’s been working for Apleona since 2016 and expresses how he enjoys working with his teams “in a number of ways to further development and to encourage the team for better progress and development, both as a team and in their personal careers. He continues, Being part of the Apleona team is more than just a job, it’s a community. We look out for each other – we support each other, and we strive to improve our lives. At Apleona, we are in it together.” 

Karena Cowland, Senior Contract Manager 

Karena is responsible for overseeing important documents that relate to ongoing construction projects. She manages construction schedules and budgets, and she ensures that if any issues arise, a resolution is presented as quickly and effectively as possible.  

Karena moved to Ireland in 2016 and expresses how she only thought she would stay for a year. However, she says how Apleona Ireland and culture are her reasons for staying, My role with this organisation started as a temporary one and quickly moved into further development. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and belief of my colleagues and upper management.”  

She also highlights how, for Apleona Ireland, we work in an industry where the core focus of the client is to be presented with resolutions for problems, I feel privileged to work with a solution-focused team who go above and beyond to provide collaborative support and advice.” 

Lauren Feehan, EHS Manager 

Lauren manages our Sustainability Programme and plays a critical role in the implementation of our sustainable facilities management services. She provides advice and feedback to senior management and site teams, which have 12 client sites – in relation to all plant and equipment used in compliance with health and safety regulations.  

Lauren and her team also partake in the waste management of zero waste to landfill and carry out effective training for Apleona teams – including overseeing and assisting with the implementation of site-specific safety documentations which ensure that risks and hazards are communicated throughout.  

She highlights how “in the last year our facilities contract has grown immensely from Ireland and the UK to Europe.” She continues, “We’re extremely lucky the KAM Team have a great support network from Apleona Ireland that allows us to continue to grow.

Stacey Kelly, Associate Director 

Stacey – our former contract and facilities manager – has managed over 96 supermarkets in Ireland and numerous multisite contracts such as pharma, retail, and banking sites.  

Stacy highlights how Apleona has a positive work culture that values its employees and provides great opportunities for growth and personal development through training and mentorship. Apleona offers remote work to help employees achieve a healthy balance between work and personal lives. 

Marcela Moise, Soft Services Manager 

Marcela – our former cleaning facility service manager and account manager – can manage and lead her teammates to effectively meet project deadlines. She has over 10 years’ experience with managing multi-use sites and reviewing issues and management solutions to meet client expectations.  

For Marcela, working for Apleona Ireland is about the people. She highlights how the people who she’s met and has built relationships with over the years have made a huge difference and have helped shape her to become the proactive manager she is today. She continues, I have been mentored by managers, colleagues and peers and I can confidently say that after almost 10 years being a part of Apleona, I find it is all about the loyalty to and from people.” 

Ben Quinn, Facilities Manager 

Ben has over 30 years’ experience in facility management and 12 years’ experience in a variety of demanding manufacturing and facility roles. He has extensive knowledge of project management, budgeting, client relationships, and preparations and management for computer aided facility management both hard and soft service environments, for national and international clients from different industries. Ben says how working for Apleona Irelandis the most ethical and rewarding workplace that I have experienced. 

Geoff Robinson, Operations Lead 

Geoff has over 20 years of experience in leadership management. He displays immense attention to detail by overseeing the day-to-day activities of the team and handles several accounts for our clients. Geoff illustrates a substantial leadership and guidance role for the team. Geoff describes how working for Apleona is a winning team mentality”. 

Evelina Udevenkovaite, Contract Manager 

Evelina is very experienced in facility management. She possesses a strong ability to prioritise, organise, and implement tasks to successfully manage client contracts. She thrives in team delivery and ensures top customer service to maximise customer satisfaction. For Evelina, working for Apleona Ireland means getting a chance to develop, progress, and have the best management support team. At Apleona Ireland, respect is key and there is a shared commitment to both company and individual success. 

Giving thanks to our facilities management team leaders 

For World FM Day, at Apleona Ireland, we’d like to embrace the theme presented, ‘making a real difference’, and express our gratitude to our hard working, determined and selfless managers. We like to reward reliability, loyalty, and dedication by taking time to acknowledge the real people behind the delivery of our facilities management services. We praise all hard work, whether that is little or large. The teamwork and unity that our employees portray help reach the optimal performance of the organisation and as a small gesture we would like to say, “THANK YOU!”

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