Unveiling the Essence: Ewan Malynn, Soft Services Category Buyer

In this edition of “Our People Behind the Logo”, we spotlight Ewan Malynn, our diligent Soft Services Category Buyer who goes above and beyond to shape our story.

Ewan Malynn has been an integral part of the Apleona family for three and a half years, contributing his expertise and passion to elevate our procurement endeavours. Ewan’s journey at Apleona began with a six-month internship on the service desk in 2019, during which he showcased remarkable dedication. This experience ignited his passion for procurement, leading him to return to the company in 2020 to continue his career in this field.

As a Soft Service Category Buyer, Ewan’s day is a well-orchestrated blend of reactive responses to site queries and strategic planning for various projects at Apleona. He adeptly splits his time between resolving urgent site queries and focusing on long-term projects. Ewan’s work routine involves a mix of home and office-based tasks, allowing for a flexible work environment that caters to both project collaboration and individual concentration.

Ewan draws inspiration from his collaborative team in procurement, where collective efforts align towards shared goals. He particularly admires the leadership and guidance of his colleague, Karen Leonard, whose dedication and achievements motivate him to continually pursue personal and organisational objectives. Speaking about Apleona’s culture, Ewan expresses how he is quite fond of the company culture, which was a significant factor for his decision to return. Whether in the office or while working remotely, the distinct cultures present unique dynamics.

In Ewan’s view, success in his role hinges on effective task management, adaptability, and agility. Flexibility and the ability to swiftly respond to unexpected challenges are vital qualities for navigating the dynamic landscape of procurement. Among his numerous achievements, Ewan takes pride in successfully leading numerous tenders and spearheading a successful uniform tender launch. However, he acknowledges the challenge of addressing unique queries that require creative solutions.

Ewan enjoys a harmonious work-life balance through Apleona’s flexible work arrangements, which include opportunities to work from home. The flexibility to choose where and how work is conducted ensures optimal productivity and job satisfaction. For Ewan, the most cherished benefit at Apleona is the social element and the friendship with colleagues.

Ewan imparts a valuable piece of advice to newcomers: never hesitate to ask questions. Curiosity fuels understanding, and at Apleona, every question, regardless of its magnitude, contributes to the collective knowledge and growth of our organisation.

In conclusion, Ewan Malynn’s experience at Apleona Ireland demonstrates the profound impact of commitment, teamwork, and flexibility. Through the lens of Ewan’s experiences, we gain a deeper appreciation for the exceptional individuals who contribute to Apleona’s success and embody the true spirit of our family. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of our outstanding team members, for they are the true gems behind the Apleona logo.