Employee Spotlight: Alan Stephens, Energising Apleona Ireland as an Electrician Technician

In the heart of Apleona Ireland, a dedicated Electrician Technician, Alan Stephens, illuminates our workspace with his expertise and passion. Since joining our team in 2016, Alan has become an essential asset. He has established himself as an integral member of the Apleona family. Over the years, his skills have powered numerous projects and initiatives, making a tangible difference within the organisation.

Alan’s journey at Apleona began when a manager recognised his skills and invited him to join the team, and Alan has been showcasing his electric talents ever since. For Alan, each day starts early, with a 6:30 am kick-off and a nourishing breakfast. Heading to work, he embraces a dynamic routine tackling varied tasks, from routine electrical work to complex, high-technical projects. This variety infuses his workday with excitement and ensures no two days are the same.

Electricity flows through the veins of the Stephens family, serving as a beacon of inspiration for Alan. Drawing from the legacy of his father, brother, and even nieces and nephews, who are also in the electrical profession, Alan embodies a generational tradition, igniting a passion for his craft. Alan explains that Apleona Ireland’s culture is both corporate and family-oriented, fostering personal growth. It’s a culture that not only embraces diversity but also values excellence and prioritises the well-being of its employees – “ Apleona embraces the richness of diversity, fostering understanding and a genuine sense of unity, where every individual is welcome.”

For Facilities Management, Alan emphasises the importance of having a holistic understanding of tasks, both mundane and technical. He highlights the significance of effective communication within the team and with clients, essential ingredients for success in this dynamic role.

Alan’s proudest moment comes from being part of a team pioneering new energy solutions. From implementing EV car charging points to embracing renewable energy, Alan has played a key role in propelling Apleona towards a sustainable future. Alan faced a tough challenge batting cancer in the previous year. After his return to work Apleona facilitated his needs both medically and psychically as well as could be expected. He expressed his gratitude by saying “I would like to say thanks to Darragh Spain who made my work life more bearable considering the circumstances”.

Apleona values the equilibrium between work and personal life. Alan acknowledges the efforts made to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and he finds Apleona’s trust in technicians to manage their tasks professionally without micro-management to be particularly noteworthy. This trust empowers employees and fuels their drive for success.

To those starting their journey with Apleona, Alan encourages them to embrace professionalism, relish the trust placed in them, and appreciate the diverse experiences and cultural interactions the organisation offers. Alan Stephens’ dedication, rooted in a family legacy of electrical mastery, and fuelled by a deep commitment to the profession, make him an exemplary Electrician Technician, powering the future of Apleona. THANK YOU ALAN!