Our People Behind the Logo

In the field of security, Madeleine Breen has shown dedication and reliability as a Security Officer at Apleona Ireland for the last 6 years. Her journey has shown commitment, valuable knowledge, and a responsibility to safeguarding people and property. Madeleine’s journey with Apleona began during a significant transition period. She seamlessly integrated into the Apleona team and continued her trusted service, ensuring operational integrity and security. Her pivotal role involves conducting checks to guarantee operational efficiency and security, loggings reports, and engaging with people on-site with expertise.

Madeleine’s strong commitment to her work comes from the important lessons her parents taught her, and the pursuit of excellence has been a driving force throughout her career. Her belief in the importance of teamwork is evident in her collaborative efforts with her security colleagues to ensure seamless coverage across shifts, even in the face of unpredictable situations. In her role, Madeleine is a vigilant guardian of order. Her exceptional communication skills have proven her ability to connect with individuals on a personal level which has fostered positive relationships.

Madeleine believes challenges are crucial for growth. She thrives in a situation that evokes uncertainty, using her judgement to assess and address situations with a level-headed approach that minimises risks. To newcomers embarking on their journey with Apleona, Madeleine’s advice is simple yet profound: Understand the job requirements, strive to fulfil them, and don’t hesitate to ask questions, a lot of them. Engage wholeheartedly with your peers, cultivate a reputation as a dependable team member, and aspire to be an individual who others can trust and rely upon.

Overall, Madeleine’s journey with Apleona has been quite positive. She sees opportunities for enhancing career growth through further development and additional training. Working together as a team is a crucial aspect of the role of a security officer, and Madeleine highlights how it is important to collaborate with her colleagues to ensure comprehensive shift coverage.

As we reflect on Madeleine’s journey, it is evident that her dedication, positive attitude, and ability to create a harmonious work environment have truly made a significant impact on the Apleona team. Her journey within Apleona exemplifies the core values of our organisation and underscores the importance of collaboration, personal growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We are fortunate to have Madeleine as an integral part of our organisation.

Thank you, Madeleine, for being an exemplary role model and a driving force behind our collective success. Your contributions are truly cherished and celebrated!