Our People Behind the Logo

We are thrilled to put the spotlight on Agnieszka Grzeszczak, the exceptional team leader for cleaning at Apleona Ireland. With her unwavering dedication, strong leadership skills, and passion for her work, Agnieszka has made a significant impact on the company since she joined on April 1, 2022, as a cleaner. Today, we delve into her journey at Apleona, her role as a team leader, and the values that drive her to succeed.

Agnieszka’s career path at Apleona began when her previous cleaning company transitioned to Apleona. Recognising her outstanding commitment and potential, Apleona’s manager approached Agnieszka and offered her the opportunity to become a cleaning supervisor. Her passion for delivering excellence in service and managing a team made this role a natural fit, and she graciously accepted the challenge.

A day in Agnieszka’s life at work is marked by discipline and responsibility. She prepares for the day ahead fuelled by a cup of coffee. By 6 am, she is on-site, ready to lead her team with enthusiasm and dedication. From early morning until 2 pm, Agnieszka focuses on delivering exceptional cleaning services, ensuring that every task is completed meticulously. After work, she cherishes quality time with her family, sharing precious moments before her well-deserved rest at 10:30 pm, preparing for the next day’s responsibilities.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Agnieszka’s answer is her children. They serve as a constant reminder of the importance of her work and the responsibility she holds in providing for their future. Agnieszka strives to be the best possible role model for her kids, and her dedication and commitment to her work reflect that.

Agnieszka emphasises the exceptional support she receives from Abeania Higgins, whose extensive knowledge has been invaluable in guiding her. Agnieszka believes that teamwork is fostered within Apleona through collaboration and cooperation with colleagues. She shares how the team at Carrigtwohill, where they work on various tasks together, exemplifies the spirit of working together towards shared goals. Annually, the team takes on a significant challenge – a big clean and site preparation for a new sanitisation process, ensuring a fresh start for the facilities.

Reflecting on her time at Apleona, Agnieszka’s biggest accomplishment has been the transition from a colleague to a supervisor. This leap presented her with significant challenges, but she overcame them with determination and a belief in her own capabilities. One of the toughest challenges Agnieszka has faced at Apleona was during the initial shutdown, where time constraints added pressure to the already demanding situation. However, with the team’s resilience and problem-solving skills, they ensured the successful completion of the project, demonstrating their ability to thrive in high-stress situations. For success in her role at Apleona, Agnieszka believes that agility and an open mind are crucial attributes. As a team leader, she often needs to make quick decisions to meet clients’ needs promptly.

Agnieszka highlights the invaluable experiences gained and personal growth achieved through the challenges she faces daily. The opportunity to develop skills and overcome obstacles has been incredibly rewarding for her. Finally, Agnieszka’s advice for someone starting their career at Apleona is simple yet powerful: embrace the challenges you encounter daily and believe in yourself. With determination and confidence, you can achieve greatness and contribute to the success of both yourself, and the company.

We are proud to have Agnieszka as a vital member of their team. Her dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence make her an inspiring figure within the organisation. As Agnieszka continues to excel in her role, she serves as a shining example of the extraordinary talent and potential at Apleona. Thank you, Agnieszka!