Meet our talented General Operative,

Claud, at Apleona Ireland

Meet our talented General Operative, Claud, at Apleona Ireland

Our people behind the logo 

In our Spotlight Campaign series, we’re highlighting the remarkable individuals who form the backbone of Apleona Ireland. Today, we’re introducing you to Claudiu Stoica, a dedicated General Operative (GO) who’s been integral to our facilities management team for over 18 years. Claud’s journey with Apleona Ireland is a testament to his commitment, versatility, and unwavering passion for his work. 

Where it all began 

Claud’s career with Apleona began in 2000, where he worked as security personnel for a subcontractor company that collaborated with Apleona on a project at a health and fitness centre in Dublin 11. During this time, Claud assisted the contract manager in various aspects of work around the building. Impressed by Claud’s skills and dedication, the contract manager offered Claud a position at Apleona Ireland. Claud officially joined in April 2005, where he began his journey as a GO, collaborating with technicians and working on numerous projects for various clients. 

Finding inspiration in facilities management  

As a GO, Claud predominantly works in the Dublin area, where he embraces the diversity of different jobs each day. Whether it’s planned preventative maintenance or reactive call outs, Claud independently carries out his tasks at various locations. Having lived in Dublin for over 23 years, he’s also become quite a connoisseur of the city’s finest delis. When asked about his inspiration at work, Claud’s answer is refreshingly self-driven. He finds new challenges and obstacles to be exhilarating, which keeps his mind active and constantly searching for new and innovative solutions. His determination and ability to overcome hurdles serve as his own motivation, allowing him to consistently push forward and deliver exceptional results. 

The company culture at Apleona has played a significant role in shaping Claud’s experience over the years. Apleona Ireland embraces an environment where everyone is treated equally, providing ample opportunities for employees to showcase their skills and grow within the company. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere fosters a strong sense of unity among colleagues, allowing Claud to build meaningful connections with his peers. 

Being reliable, agile and responsive 

Claud highlights that the attributes and qualities essential for success in his role are reliability, agility, and responsiveness. As a GO, being able to answer calls for help promptly and helping without delay is crucial for the constant deliverance of satisfactory results for Apleona’s clients. 

Reflecting on his journey with Apleona so far, Claud highlights two significant accomplishments. The first was having the unique opportunity to work at the top of the Spire, where only a few individuals have ever had the chance to be. In 2007, he assisted in the replacement of the lights at the pinnacle of the Dublin landmark. Additionally, his hard work and dedication have earned him praise and recognition from clients, leading to his well-deserved recognition as the Employee of the Year in 2014. 

Thriving in a positive working environment 

No journey is without challenges, and Claud has faced his fair share. As a GO, his primary focus is on physical tasks. Striking a balance between his physical duties and the necessary administrative tasks has been a continual learning experience for him.  

Claud highlights how Apleona places great significance on work-life balance, ensuring that employees have a fulfilling personal life alongside their professional commitments. This commitment to maintaining a healthy equilibrium supports employee wellbeing and fosters a positive work environment. 

What career advice does Claud have for new starters? 

Finally, when asked to share advice for newcomers starting their careers at Apleona, Claud emphasises the importance of completing assigned tasks promptly and efficiently. By diligently focusing on the work at hand, job satisfaction naturally follows. 

Claud’s story at Apleona Ireland exemplifies the dedication, versatility, and passion that characterise our exceptional team. We are immensely grateful for individuals like Claud, whose commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence contribute to the continuous success of Apleona. As we continue to grow, it is people like Claud who ensure that the Apleona logo stands proudly, supported by the remarkable individuals who truly embody our company’s values. 

Thank you, Claud, for your hard work and dedication over the years. 

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