The importance of mental

health awareness in

facilities management

The importance of mental health awareness in facilities management

The crucial role that mental health first aiders play at Apleona Ireland

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re proud to highlight another vital aspect of Apleona’s commitment to mental wellbeing: our dedicated group of trained mental health first aiders. These exceptional individuals play a crucial role in supporting our employees and fostering a culture of care and understanding. 

Our mental health first aiders have undergone comprehensive training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to help colleagues in navigate mental health challenges. They’re compassionate listeners, empathetic advisors, and trusted allies who create a safe space for open conversations. 

How mental health first aiders operate in facilities management 

The primary role of our mental health first aiders is to help individuals find their way to professional services that can provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment for mental health conditions. They serve as a bridge, connecting those in need with the resources and support they require to embark on their healing journey. 

They’re readily available to be a general advisor for anyone in our organisation who may have questions or concerns about mental health. They offer guidance, information, and support, helping to dispel misconceptions and encourage early intervention. 

The benefits of mental health awareness in the workplace 

By establishing a network of mental health first aiders, we ensure that our employees have access to empathetic and knowledgeable individuals who can provide invaluable assistance. They play a crucial role in destigmatising mental health issues and fostering a culture of care, compassion, and proactive support. 

At Apleona, we firmly believe that prioritising mental health involves not only creating a supportive environment, but also empowering our employees to support one another. Our mental health first aiders embody this commitment, and we’re immensely grateful for their dedication to promoting well-being within our organisation. 

During this Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s recognise and appreciate the incredible work of mental health first aiders. Their presence reinforces our commitment to fostering a workplace where everyone’s mental health matters, and no one feels alone in their struggles. 

Together, let us continue to break barriers, encourage conversations, and advocate for a world where mental health receives the attention and care it deserves. 

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