Promoting biodiversity:

Apleona Ireland’s impact

beyond facilities management

Promoting biodiversity: Apleona Ireland’s impact beyond facilities management

Discussing our approach to sustainable facilities management on World Bee Day

World Bee Day – on May 20th every year – highlights the importance that both bees and other pollinators have in keeping the environment healthy. They carry pollen from one flower to the next and allow the production of many fruits, seeds, and nuts that contribute to food safety and nutrition.  

It calls for attention of government bodies, organisations, and civilians to encourage actions that will aid to protect and strengthen pollinators and their habitats which in turn supports sustainable development for beekeeping. 

Biodiversity and wildlife conservation 

In keeping with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, Apleona has placed signage throughout our facilities to explain our approach for green infrastructure. This is in support of our new GreenSpace strategic approach – reducing emissions, energy conservation and herbicide application. We strive to create areas where nettles can thrive for the survival of all species.  

There are 102 species of bee in Ireland. 79 of them are solitary bees which are in decline throughout Europe, due to habitat loss. We also advocate for organisations to add biodiversity in their area. For example, schools can encourage their students to plant, for example, ox-eye daisies, cornflower, clovers etc. on designated school pollination preserved grounds. 

Apleona Ireland’s latest technologies to help pollinators 

Sustainability is an integral value for Apleona Ireland. Within Apleona there are several SME distinct teams who carry out the delivery of sustainable facilities management projects as part of GreenSpace. One example of beehive conservation is our sustainability project is our Beehive Project located in Rathcormack – County Cork, Ireland. It’s an initiative that allowed our clients to build on their corporate social responsibility. Here, wildflower seeds packs were allocated to encourage employees to use them on site and at home in support of beekeeping. 

Apleona is embracing biodiversity, and this has a significant influence on our employees and their communities. Offering employees access to wild spaces makes them overall more content, reduces stress, and enhances cognition and focus. And we want to be a part of this change. 

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